Thursday, August 27, 2015

Daddy on another business trip: working mommy chronicles

David is on vacation, I mean a business trip, but he finally gets back today!

This marks the end of the latest insaneathon. 3 days. 9 school drop offs at 3 different schools. 9 content-contested breakfasts. 9 lunches (contents also contested). 9 outfit negotiations (while getting ready for work myself). All by 8 am. I am the only adult in the house.

Amazingly, today was the only day Julian was late to school. He was very unhappy so I quickly drafted a note. Julian was, of course, curious to know what it read (my writing is very messy) so I read it to him.

"Dear Middle School, The reason Julian is late is because his father is in Munich. I have held it together all week but this morning has finally gone to s***t. Btw, I am also going to be late to pick him up by at least 20 minutes but I am already leaving work early so do not f***king call me this afternoon. Thank you, Paige."

The kids were stunned for a moment - they couldn't believe I would actually curse in a note to the school (I didn't, of course). But then they laughed aloud when they actually read it. Nice to know they have a good sense of humor ...

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