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This is a blog for moms (and dads) who do not fit the profile. Not that there is one really. But if there were, this would be a blog for them. Also, I am not a Tiger Mom. I am not tiger material. To be honest I probably would be a Tiger Mom if I could, but it’s too hard. I am already exhausted. Anyway, there is no way my kids would put up with that kind of thing.  So here I am writing because I have learned things, some here and some in Africa.  My experiences may be useful to other people. For example - this is very important - I have learned the hard way that no matter how much of a hurry you are in, it is always a bad idea to start the blender with the lid off. Always.

Here is my experience.  I have children adopted from Ethiopia and children who are biological. Sometimes I work as a project attorney. Other times I work harder with my kids. Both jobs are challenging and require total immersive commitment, by the way.  The difference, of course, is that in one job the bosses are the same as the clients, there is little remunerative compensation and the clients wipe their snot on your skirt.

Some of the things I write about are serious and political. That is actually what I am most interested in hearing about. International adoption is intensely controversial.  Adoption between "worlds" ignites even more animated debate.  This blog may generate understanding and discussion so I might have the chance to better help people (in a meaningful way, not just with errant household appliances) and so other people might have that chance as well.  I welcome differences of opinion, experiences and debate--as long as they are well researched (or authentic) and respectful.  I am also interested in hearing about similar opinions, experiences and discussion--as long as it is well researched (or authentic) and of course respectful.

Thanks for reading!

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