Monday, June 8, 2015

Going back to work. Housewife thing didn't work out.

I am going back to work again. After that last project, I took some time off. The kids really needed me. When I watch Julian swim, he is so happy. So I did it. I stayed home. At this point, though, I can't do it anymore because it is too hard and I am very unhappy. I am ending the SAHM thing. My attitude did not go unnoticed, btw. Julian said "And one thing... Housewives do not say 'F*#%@!'" And then David said "You are like a housewife who doesn't cook, clean or watch the kids." Well, okay yes. Those things are true. But I hired people to help out when I was working. They are counting on the money and they need to feed their kids too. For the record, I also don't do gardening or laundry. And so, here we are. I am going back to work. Thank G-d.

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