Friday, February 12, 2016

How to get a volunteer position at the science fair

It is almost impossible to get a volunteer position at my kids' elementary school. To give you an example, we have one parent volunteer for each two kids at the Fantastic Friday Math Facts - these things are in the middle of the day. The spots are all full and there is a wait list for substitutes. I have only gotten in once. Your chances of chaperoning a field trip are lower than winning the lottery.

Anyway I happened to be at the school when I saw 50 parent volunteers smugly filing into the gym for the Science Fair. I thought "Hmmm... I wish I could volunteer for the Science Fair." But of course, that would never happen because I would have had to know about the Science Fair in the beginning of August (and be one of the first 50 parent volunteers to sign up).

So then I thought well what if I just walk in there, fill out a name tag and stand behind one of the tables? They are not going to check my name against a list like I am trying to get into a club. So I did it. Yes, I crashed the Science Fair. Isaac saw me immediately and he was soooo happy to see me there working the booth. For an instant, it really felt like it was all worthwhile and I was doing the mommy thing right. At least that day. But then he became suspicious (I could see it on his face) because he knows I do not have the wherewithal to volunteer in an advance for an esteemed position like the Science Fair. I actually had to ask him not to narc me out to the PTA. But you know what? It worked. And it was great. It really was great.

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