Wednesday, April 29, 2015

10 reasons why sandboxes should be illegal in the United States

 10.  My daughter is African American.  I can't wash her hair very often because it dries it out.
9.  "Kulani, did you eat that sand?"  "Mmm hmm. Yes."
8.  When the shoes go back on, the sand goes into the shoes.  The shoes then become unwearable and must be replaced.
7.  I have a car.
6.  I have a home.
5.  I have a car and a home.
4.  Sand is very often mixed with water, producing a sort of magic elixir irresistible to children and nearly impossible to remove from, well, anything.
3.  I am allergic to the magic elixir and prone to anaphylactic shock.
2.  I have three children.
1.  Two words:  Outdoor.  Litterbox.

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