Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why Do People Carry Diaper Bags?

At the playground, one of the mommies was frantically riffling through her diaper bag looking for a diaper.  She was obviously distraught. "I only have Size Two diapers in here!  I need a Size Three diaper!" Apparently she hadn't changed the diapers in her bag to fit the new size of her growing baby. 

It's hard not to see this situation as a little ridiculous. Kulani is my third kid, sure, but I never carried a gigantic diaper bag, even with the first two. It seemed too complicated--the built in bulky changing pad, insulated bottle holders, two changes of clothes, and who knows what else is in there. I don't judge other mommies because I know what it is like. We are all just trying to get by. And to be honest, we are all a little crazy. If another mommie is organized enough to manage a diaper bag on top of everything else, G-d bless her. Most days, I am lucky just to get out of the house. I don't have a diaper bag. I carry a purse. Sometimes there is a diaper in there. Sometimes there isn't. Yesterday, I had a sock and a sanitary napkin.

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